BRU (Backup and Recovery Utility)


    Linux (perhaps other OS if thry use this utility)


    Kyle Amon found following.  BRU (Backup and Recovery Utility) is a
    fairly commonly used commercial UNIX backup program available from
    EST, Inc. (Enhanced Software  Technologies).  They have  a website

    and  were  instrumental  in  some  of  the  recent  FTAPE   driver
    improvements for Linux.  All in all it's a great program,  however
    they have added  a new tcl/tk  based GUI interface  which installs
    with inappropriate permissions.

    When xbru installs, it creates a /usr/local/lib/bru directory with
    mode 777.   It appears as  though the program  was NOT suppose  to
    go out 777 -- rather 1777.  That little sticky bit of a difference
    provides for the security of ownership.


    You can make the following change to your system as shown:

        chmod 1777 /usr/local/lib/bru   (assuming root login)

    However, unless  you want  non-root users  to do restores/backups,
    there's no problem  in making the  perms non-world writeable.   If
    your /usr/local/lib/bru directory is 775, works fine (as expected)
    from root.