OpenLinux 2.2 (Caldera)


    Andrew McRory found following.  He found a bug in the installation
    process of OpenLinux  2.2 when using  the LISA boot  disk.  During
    the installation a  temporary passwd file  is put on  the new file
    system containing the user "help" set uid=0 gid=0 and no password.
    Once you are  prompted to set  the root password  and default user
    password a  new passwd  and shadow  file is  created yet  the help
    user  is  left  in  the  shadow  file  with,  you  guessed  it, no
    password...  Here are the offending entries:

        help:x:0:0:install help user:/:/bin/bash


    Anyone who installed OpenLinux 2.2 using the LISA boot disk should
    check their password file now.


    Note  that  *only*  the  LISA  (old  style)  install  is affected.
    The  lizard  (new  style,  graphical)  install  is  not  affected.
    To  avoid  confusion  -  old  style  images  carry  1xx   numbers,
    new style images  carry 2xx numbers.   New *old* LISA  styles will
    be made.  If  you had to use  the old style images,  the quick fix
    is to remove (after  installation) the lines starting  with "help"
    from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.